Logistics is the activity that aims to manage the physical flows, and the data (informative, customs and financial) related to it, in order to make available resources corresponding to needs (more or less) determined in accordance with the expected economic and legal conditions, the degree of quality of service expected, the safety and security conditions considered satisfactory.
This is “an integration of two or more activities in order to establish plans, to implement and control an efficient flow of raw materials, semi-finished products and finishes and finished products, from their point of origin to the point of consumption.
These activities may include - but not limited to - the type of service offered to customers, demand forecasting, distribution related communications, inventory control, material handling, order processing, after-sales service and spare parts, purchases, packaging, processing of returned goods, the negotiation or reuse of salvageable or scrapped items, the organization of transport as well as the actual carriage of goods, as well as storage and storage.

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